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Shakhtar wins, we get new client!

Hi all you peoples!

We had great time at football match last night!  Shakhtar beat up on Roma 3 to nothing, and our favorite player, Willian, he do good job and make Donetsk proud.  Now Shakhtar going in the quarter finals for first time!

Here is a video of Willian.  Is not from last night’s game, but it shows you how good he plays.


But the best part of last night is we get a new client.  This three ladies were getting some drinks during a break, and we walk up behind them to get food, and they recognize us from this website.

Industrial Union of Donbass steel mill in Donetsk.

We start talking to them and find out that two of them are lesbians and the other is still thinking about it.  Well, one of them that is a lez and is named Halyna, she work over at Industrial Union of Donbass steel mill here in Donetsk for five year, and so far she never got one raise.  But men co-workers get all kind of raise in that time.

Attorney Piskun ask if any more dykes work there, and Halyna say no, just me.  So obvious they single her out cause they don’t like her sex orientation.  (Plus she got a butch hair-do and tattoo of jackhammer on arm, which probably don’t help.)

Attorney Podkopayeva give Halyna one of our business card, and we set appointment to meet with her on Friday.  This is clear-cut description of discrimination cause Halyna is a lez.

Already we start forming game plan on how we gonna crush Industrial Union of Donbass after we get in court and explain to judge how Halyna sure she overhear manager at steel company say he won’t give her no raise cause she’s a dyke, plus he thinking about running her over in a dump truck.

Go Shakhtar!  Go all the way so we have something to celebrate!

Lilia and Elena

Law Offices of Podkopayeva & Piskun

Attorneys Podkopayeva and Piskun, ready to crush steel mill like Shakhtar crush AS Roma!

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