Government Dispute

Are you in dispute with Ukraine government?

Are they bunch of liars and you telling the truth?

This Ukraine government is corrupt and want only to take your money and put you in prison!

This government is here for one thing: to control people and make them pay.  When you come face on face with some government official, usually a male, who is trying to steal from you, rob you, make you into a prostitute or force you to do sex with a man, you need attorneys with experience in government disputes.

The attorneys at Law Offices of Podkopayeva & Piskun know all about corrupt Ukraine government.  They all a bunch of bribe-takers and money-laundries, and they gonna stop at nothing to put you under the thumb.

Without crack attorneys at Law Offices of Podkopayeva & Piskun, government can put you in prison!  Avoid this by calling +38 66 317-7753 right this minute!

Biggest problem is, without experienced lawyer, government official can take you in court and you can wind up in prison to exist on hard labor, no days off and very little food.  If you want to do all that, might as well go in gymnastiks where you have at least a chance of meeting a lez and fall in love.

Corrupt government in news all the time.  Everybody know you can’t trust anything government say.  Example is, if they say you get killed if you jump off 40-stories building, then you know you can go up there and jump off all day and not get a scratch!

Go to Recent Cases page to see how we get all kind of money for our clients in government dispute cases.  Clit here. (Ooops!  Must be something wrong with our eyesight, but is okay to leave it this time!)

Law Offices of Podkopayeva & Piskun

We know how to get any lesbian off!

Pr. Illyitcha, 88, first floor
Donetsk, Ukraine, Russia
+38 66 317-7753
Want to send e-mail?  Clit here.  (Damn, do it again!)

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