Here is some photos of various things you probably find interesting.

This is our house that we live in. Notice how nice Sergio our gay houseboy keeps the lawn!

Here is photo of Donetsk that we take when out on boat researching case for lesbian client who want to join navy.

This is how we drive to get to work every day.

Krimart Coffee House in Donetsk near our offices. Those two girls are our friends Ritochka and Natalochka.

Our doggies Franco and Tortellini with a bulldog who belong to a friend. That ball is never very far from Franco's mouth!

This is our legal researcher, Klarysa. She work hard to get us the facts, even when we rather not know them!

Singer Elton John with children in Ukraine. He wanted to adopt a Ukraine baby, but stupid government said he is too old and gay. He should have hire us to handle adoption rights lawsuit!

Raya is a stripper who got false charge with robbery. We get her off. Several time!

Here is main court building in Donetsk, where we spend a lot of time helping our clients.

Our backyard with pretty pink umbrella.

This is where most of our cases start - our conference room. Attorney Podkopayeva pick out cool shade of purple on wall!

This is from our Christmas party at work in 2006 or 2007. Sometimes the parties get out of hand!

We always stop at JAM for movies and music when we go to Kiev.

There is Viktoria on the left, and Tanya. Belarus army discriminate on them cause they both dykes, so we try their case and now they shoot it up with the boys plus get 34 million ruble!

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