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Football fever!

Hi all you peoples!

The Shakhtar Donetsk football team!

On Tuesday, we’re going to go watch Shakhtar Donetsk football team beat AS Roma.  This is exciting for us in Donetsk, cause our team never got past the knockout rounds in European club tournament, but this time we hope they will.

Right now, Shakhtar is enjoy 3-2 lead going into match with AS Roma, and they have won the last 18 home games.  So far, they never lose a single match at Donbass Arena.

It’s always fun to go watch the boys play football.  We get blankets and coffee thermos and food and all kind of stuff and have a great time.  Attorney Piskun usually takes big blowhorn so she can make noise when our team score a goal.  Blowhorn is only thing she say she ever gonna blow again – ha ha!

Here is Donbass Arena! So pretty at night.

Attorney Podkopayeva usually take loud whistle and paper towel to wipe off seats in case match gets too exciting!  Sometime we bring cow bells and ring them all night long, too.

On some games we meet all kind of our friends in parking lot and make food and have alcohol, since they don’t want you taking alcohol into arena.  Last year they started to try and keep lesbians out, too, but we file lawsuit and now lesbians get in half price.

In big picture, football not nearly as important as defending lesbians in court, but we sure enjoy it every time.

Go Shakhtar!

Lilia and Elena

Law Offices of Podkopayeva & Piskun

Attorneys Podkopayeva and Piskun are ready to go to football game and cheer home team!

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