Are you discriminated on cause you’re a lez?

Attorneys are standing by!

Two dyke clients from Iran living happy life after we help them win discrimination suit!

You think in this world we live in today that everybody is accepted no matter what they do or how they look.  But is not true!  Plenty of innocent lesbian girls get discriminated on every day here in Ukraine.

If you been discriminated on, it’s time to call crack attorneys at Law Offices of Podkopayeva & Piskun.  Call +38 66 317-7753 immediately!

Discrimination is ugly and take all forms.  Like for instance, sometime a boss fire you cause you are a dyke.  Other time, people don’t sell nothing to you cause you got short hair and smoke cigar.  Still other time, people call you bad names cause you walking down the street with your pit bull doggie.

All of these instance and more are good reason to call on the services of attorneys trained in lesbian discrimination law.  Nobody has the right to keep you from living a happy life.  Nobody has the right to tell you how to exhibit sex preference.

Go to Recent Cases page to see how we get all kind of money for our clients in discrimination cases.  Clit here.  (Ooops!  Wow – we need better proofreaders, but we gonna leave it in this time!)

Law Offices of Podkopayeva & Piskun

We know how to get any lesbian off!

Pr. Illyitcha, 88, first floor
Donetsk, Ukraine, Russia
+38 66 317-7753
Want to send e-mail?  Clit here.  (Damn, do it again!)

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