Are you accuse of assault?

Don’t go in court without attorneys who know how to get you off!

After judge acquit our client for hitting this man in head with bat, judge apoligize for making client come to court and wasting her time and fine this man 69 million ruble!

Boy, this is a big one, and lucky for you Law Offices of Podkopayeva & Piskun are here to help you out.  Assault means you hit somebody with diabolic plan to cause harm.  This type of cases is very tricky in court.

Suppose you are minding your business and fighting with your sweetheart.  Then bystander come up and say, “Hey, stop that fighting,” and you say, “Go find a hole to fall in,” and bystander get angry and tell you fuck off, then you crack his head with baseball bat.  What you gonna do in court?

When defending assault charge, you need crack attorneys with plenty of experience to influence jury!  Call +38 66 317-7753 while there still hope!

Judge gonna automatic believe bystander cause bystander a male and you a dyke, plus he probably in a head cast.  Bystander gonna tell judge he was try to save your sweetheart’s life and you whack him with bat.  Bystander gonna make jury believe all kind of fairy tale so they think he a great guy and you a worthless lez.

That’s where attorneys at Law Offices of Podkopayeva & Piskun come in.  We go in there and explain to jury how you could have swore you hear bystander say he gonna go in his pocket and pull out a .45 automatic gun and put two bullet in your head and one in your chest and then kick you in face after you hit the ground.

Once jury believe all that, no way they convict you for using bat to defend your self.  They gonna cheer for you, and you might be local hero in all the papers and radios and whatnot.  All because you smart enough to hire attorneys who are expert at winning assault case!

Go to Recent Cases page to see how we get all kind of money for our clients in assault cases.  Clit here.  (Holy smokes, another time we miss that word, but gonna ignore for now!)

Law Offices of Podkopayeva & Piskun

We know how to get any lesbian off!

Pr. Illyitcha, 88, first floor
Donetsk, Ukraine, Russia
+38 66 317-7753
Want to send e-mail?  Clit here.  (Damn, do it again!)

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